Shopkeepers Tutorial


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Nov 1, 2013

So you've been given access to use a shopkeeper... great!

First thing's first; you need a villager spawn egg. Get one from staff.

Hold the spawn egg and right click in the air (not on a block). You will cycle through buying (player buys stuff from your shopkeeper in exchange for emeralds), selling (player sells stuff to your shopkeeper in exchange for emeralds), or trading (player trades one item for another with your shopkeeper). You'll probably want to use TRADING mostly!

Now, still holding the spawn egg and looking in the air, hold SHIFT and right click again. You will select the type of entity that your shopkeeper will be. There are a LOT of options.

Now right click the egg onto the chest that will stock the shopkeeper.

Now right click the egg where you want the shopkeeper to stand.

You're doing great if you're still with me :)

Now put 1 of each item you want to provide to players in the chest. (Let's say you want to give players a cobblestone in exchange for them giving you a feather. You put a cobblestone into the chest.

Now go to your shopkeeper and hold SHIFT and right click. You should see a cobblestone in the top row -- the top row is what you're giving. Left or right click each item to increase or decrease the quantity. In the 2 slots below that, you decide what you want from the player. So... just beneath the cobblestone, put a feather. (you can left/right click to change that quantity too).

Use this image as a guide. If you need more help, check this article:


That's really it. When players right click your shopkeeper, they can now trade feathers for cobblestone. You can make a LOT of trade options with just one shopkeeper/chest.

Be sure to stock your chest when you're done!!

If you want to change some options for your shopkeeper, SHIFT right click it and use the icons on the bottom row. :)